Hi Dolls

Bel Femmes blog is all about the things Ladies Love!!!

There will be post about beauty, hair, fashion, food, love and life to name a few, Bel Femmes is not just a blog for women, men are more than welcome, maybe reading the blog will make you understand women a bit better lol.

Everyone that posts on the Bel Femme blog, name will start with Belle as a way of embracing the beauty of women e.g myself - Belle Nicole.

So feel free to come on this exciting journey with Bel Femmes, looking forward to hearing all your thoughts and comments can’t wait to hear from you.

Remember a woman is beautiful inside and out and nothing can amount to our worth!

Promise to keep you intrigued,

Bel Femmes

P.S Belle Femmes (means Beautiful Women in French, Bel is short for Belle and also means Beautiful) 

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