Love OPI

OPI is one of the leading brands in the nail industry, once you use OPI you'll love it forever!!!!!!!

I heard about OPI and thought why not give it a try and see what all the fuss is about, once I tried it i was sold almost instantly, no other nail polish compared to the quality of OPI nail polish. 

OPI also have a nail bar in Selfridges on the ground floor in the centre of the store next to sunglass hut

Read more to see more OPI products and what celebrities wear OPI.

Celebrities such as Serena Williams and Katy Perry are some of the faces and have a product range with OPI, The Kardashians also recently tweeted about having a secret meeting with OPI so we can be expecting to see something with them in the near future.

Serena William's OPI nail polish range

Katy Perry's OPI nail polish
OPI retails at £10 and upwards

Try OPI nails polish, even though it's a tad bit more expensive that other nail polish's, it's worth every penny. Have a look at other OPI products

You can buy OPI nail polish in Selfridges, John Lewis, ASOS and other leading stores and nail salon's

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